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(➹)—-“Ponies are too tiny for me when I’m big. But I guess in this form it’s perfect..”

"Too small to ride maybe, but you can still take it for walks~ I’ve seen the Shetland ones at the fair and they’re just the right size for it! Though, they’re also really stubborn so it could take a while to train…"


This turned out cooler than I intended.



(➹)—-“I want a horse now.”

"You and me both. I’d even settle for a pony!"



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed




         {♔} This is the part where she quite unabashedly pouts because she thought that little horse charm was rather special, even if it wasn’t…well, an actual living horse. 

                 Regardless, her point still stands true. She is not especially invested into the business of giving high-maintenance animals to people she’s not certain can take care of them. ( That’s more North’s area of expertise as far as she’s seen. )

          ❝ Okay, well, wouldn’t you rather start with something simpler like…a fish?
                                               And then, perhaps, work your way up?❞ 


           It’s not that she’s ungrateful {because she is- even as she so unashamedly bargains for the real thing, her thumb rubs appreciative circles over the pearlescent charm, fighting the urge to steal a closer look at it.} 

          Call it a childish impulse, to pout and argue in order to find out just where these sorts of boundaries lie.

          {Similar testing had earned her a pair of hard knuckle gloves from North, after all.}

                                                    “You sound like my mom.” {As if that’s a grievous flaw that should be rectified} “Fish are boring- I can’t pet a fish. And I’m pretty darn responsible- I help take care of my grandparents horses all the time- and those are way more work than a pony could ever be.”

☠ Drabble list— You can send one anytime.
Scream: My character has caused yours to scream out for some reason
Milkshake: Our characters will have to split a milkshake
Busted: Your character will catch mine doing something they shouldn’t.
Time: I’ll write a drabble about our characters doing to a different time/dimension. specify.
Befriend Me: I wil write a drabble about our characters meeting for the first time in an AU.
Enamor Me: I will write a fluffy drabble about my character trying to woo yours [be it out of the blue/Valentines Day,feel free to specify.]
Quiet Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character trying to calm yours down [be it from crying, from lashing out, feel free to specify.]
Torture Me: I’ll write a drabble about your character torturing mine or vise versa.
Hug Me: My character will hug yours. Either by surprise or for a specific reason.
Confess: My character will speak their true feelings about your character. (or about a topic. you may choose.)
Death: My character’s reaction to your character dying.
Protect: My character keeps yours safe from harm.
Revenge: My character will get revenge on yours.
Healer: My/your character helping your/my character when they are hurt/sick. (Be specific on who gets which role, and whether the pain is physical, emotional, or just having to catch a fever)
I Do: I will write our characters as a married couple
Broken: I’ll write our characters breaking up or in an angsty scene.
Spell: I’ll write my character putting a spell on yours. Or being under a spell/curse.
« : memory from the past with your character
» : a future event my character would like to happen with them + yours
☼ : A memory my character has with yours that they’ll never forget
Rain: I’ll write a fluffy drabble of our characters kissing in the rain.
Pet: I’ll write a drabble of my character buying yours a pet. (specify what kind.)
Sleep: I’ll write a drabble of my character snuggling in bed with yours.
Nightmare: I’ll write my character having a nightmare about yours, or vice versa.
Kiss: I’ll write our characters sharing a kiss, it can be innocent or passionate.
Murder: I’ll write my character killing yours or vice vesra.
Home: I’ll write our characters living together.
Love: I’ll write our character’s falling in love.
Death: I’ll write our character’s mourning over each other.
Insane: I’ll write my character is insane inside asylum and yours is the doctor, vice versa
Secret: My character tells your character a secret.
Candy Corn: Your character or mine being cheesy to the other
Stars: Our characters under the stars together
Snow: Our characters in the cold together
Candles: Our characters enjoying a moment by candlelight
Peppermint: Your character or mine, sharing a sweet secret with the other.
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         {♔} ❝ I can’t trade your tooth for a pony.
                                          …Where would you even plan to keep it? ❞ 

There’s an exaggerated eye roll; an expression that clearly states its wearer feels vastly underestimated.

"My town is literally surrounded by woodlands- I’d figure something out!"


"But I feel like my last baby tooth warrants something special~"

                            She’s joking, of course. 



May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

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//LOL I did the thing