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//Obviously~ They run around the Dark Forest for the fun of it at all times of night.

step aside Golden Trio

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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"It’s a weird thought to think about having kids with someone you’ve known, but with you It’d be really- I’d be honored, and pretty flattered. What do you think our kids would be like? ”

He laughed and smiled back at her with a nod. “It’s not really sneaking if we’d already know,but i see your point.” Rocking back on his heels Jamie gave her a serious look. “It’s certainly not wrong to be so kind, brave and with a heart as strong as the stars.”

He ducked his head and continued. “Any child of mine would be lucky to have you as a mother.” He coughed in surprise and flushed again. “You’re amazing as you are and I can only imagine the sort of terrors we’d raise.” There’s a faint fondness and a gentle smile at his lips. 

Cupcake’s own gaze slides away from Jamie’s, suddenly intensely interested in the fidgeting of her hands. His words are just enough to set her heart to fluttering uncomfortably against her rib cage, though her expression betrays none of it, slackening into a carefully neutral grin.

Clearing her throat, she leans away from him, cracking her knuckles to signal an end to this particular conversation.

 "Uh, yeah… thanks."


Tropes that I will 100% eat up, no matter what:

- experimented on against their will

- monster hunter cursed to become the thing they’re hunting

- finding out one or both of their parents weren’t actually human

- the longer they stay in the fantastical otherworld/the more magic they use, the less human they become

- experimented on, but they volunteered for it

- lost their memories, including all memories of how they got superpowers/became whatever they are

- basically just anything involving people undergoing transformations they don’t 100% understand and can’t control

- (especially if there’s an extra helping of angst on top)

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"No, you're holding the sword all wrong. Think of it as an extension of your arm"

"I am! But it feels weird holding it in my left hand when I normally use my right."

Weapon themed starter sentences
"No, you're holding the sword all wrong. Think of it as an extension of your arm"
"Holding a shield like that is just asking to get stabbed"
"That blade is beautiful, where was it forged?"
"Like this- Swing and smash. Pulverize your enemy"
"I aim twice and shoot once"
"Poison is a woman's weapon"
"Watch where you're swinging that!"
"That was an amazing fight. Could you teach me?"
"Gods, your aim is awful!"
"How about a friendly spar?"
"Have you ever fought on horseback?"
"Crossbows are slow to load. Try and make every shot count."
"Do you remember your first kill?"
"Stop right there or I'll run you through"
"Hold! One more step and I'll shoot"
"Come on, I've seen children fight better than that!"
"What's your weapon of choice?"
"Me? I prefer larger/smaller weapons. They hit harder/faster"
"That blade needs tempering. I've seen sharper butter knives"
"Did you kill that?"
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Name: Suki
Species: Sister of Flight
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Sex: Male

So one of the idea’s that Mem discussed with me is that Sisters of flight are not all female by sex, but in gender identification and many (though not all) are very feminine, though much of the outside worlds have only interacted with very little of them and have bred the idea that they are very militaristic and aggressive, giving to the misconception that’s it’s an all battle hardened female (sex) race that despise males and will beat them into the ground, which is not true in any sense. They are a highly organized and very calm people among themselves with a rich culture, preferring songs and arts to fighting, but do know how to defend and protect of themselves and especially of their young. They may be seen from the outside as harboring a lot of animalistic characteristics, but they are easily one most progressive people.

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