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Welp, I’ve decided I need a new start with my threads. I had quite a few things sitting in my drafts, some I just didn’t know how to reply to and some that were reserved for when sporadic partners came on.

But the thing is, sometimes the longer I wait to do a particular thread the the less of a muse I have for it. So I deleted everything.

In the case of certain people I’d like to continue threads with, but need to start new ones with:




Just reply to this or message me about starting new threads.

Threads I’m planning on starting:



People I’d like to rp with in general:



//I’m still open for asks and will definitely still post opens and reply to them. I just need to clear out stuff that’s been gathering cobwebs in my drafts. And put new stuff in order.

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"You didn’t really think I was going to run did you? I’m not a defenseless kid anymore, and I don’t need you to baby me."

Giving a thanks to your muse:

There’s no word of thanks- there’s no time. Just as soon as Brunnie takes down the beast that was seconds away from chomping down on her arm, there’s another looming behind the older spirit. Without hesitation, Cupcake hurls her knife into it’s chest, charging closely behind to drive the knife home into it’s heart, only to rip it free and turn to face her next opponent. As she does so, she catches the pointed glare of her elder- a look that says simply surviving is all the thanks she needs.

Need help from your muse:

A slip at the wrong moment, or being overwhelmed by enemies prompts a long string of curses normally withheld in Brunnie’s presence.

When your muse is defeated during the battle while I stand alone:

She doesn’t allow herself to stop and mourn. There’s still a battle to be fought, and Cupcake knows Brunnie would never forgive her if she allowed herself to be killed.

Survive. Survive. Survive

Victory (with and/or without your muse):


They rest side by side, one sprawled out and smiling and the other leaning against the trunk of a tree, arms resting on knees and scar wreathed eyes ever watchful. Bruises and lacerations abound, though thankfully nothing so serious as to warrant immediate medical attention.

"See? Told you I could fight."

"You could have been killed-"

"But I wasn’t, so I’d say it’s been a pretty good day."



"Mom… Dad.. I’m a guardian"

"No honey the Bible said Adam and Eve, not Adam and believe"


when angry draw toothiana

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//I went with my Wildlife Society to InSync Exotics to volunteer over the weekend. Pictures of some of their big cats under the cut.

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                         if vιℓℓαιηs { kill } people and нεяσεs get people { killed }
                                                      then wнaт am I?